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The Sweetz Legacy

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I finally got Showtime and I'm testing it out with my Katy Perry-esqe sim who is a Genie. Also the names of the townies are more than likely to be changed because I am not good at remembering names so if you see one in this legacy and their name is random and off the wall do not be alarmed. I'm doing it almost like a Legacy Challenge only with less rules :) Enjoy and comment.

(Warnings: Adult language,Cursing, Adult humor, sexual humor and Crazy Genie Bitches.)
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MacDougall Legacy 1.2

 photo 4ceedf1a-8871-4731-9f22-c443f6212b44_zps8b9cb2a7.jpg

It's been too long but ive been having lots of fun with this family this first Generation run is taking longer than expected but
i feel its gonna be worth it....i hope XI
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MacDougalls Legacy

 photo e4804e57-059c-4334-8af7-fed5d563f391_zps36e00dcc.jpg

It's been a long time coming i know i havent posted anything in awhile but  lets check out my new Legacy. I'll be making my posts short but sweet so i can keep my legacy going.

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Children of the Cosmic Corn chapter 2


Okay so here it is finally chapter 2. Sorry for the wait but my computer had been taking away by the incredibly stupid man that I live with (my father) and I could not post anything a for a while so I'm not making any promises as to how often I will be posting this.

Missed a chapter?

Warnings: Same Ol' same ol'

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So after reading through simstorytellers I decided to write a story of my own. I was really interested in the Xenophilia challeneges posted by [info]simtasia  and [info]simsforaranya 

This post is short as will all the updates but it will be to the point and mildly entertaining but who can resist cute alien babies ...Ellen DeGeneres  knows I can't. This maybe boring but I promise next post (which will be up soon) will be better.

Warnings: (none so far, strong language, inappropriate humor)
Also sorry for my LJ sucking you may have to scroll to see the whole pic.
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Prisma Awesimsauce Legacy Generation 1.2


Warnings: The usual apply (bad language, graphic violence, insults,things that are sexual in nature (I mean come that should be obvious by my screen name)

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Prisma Awesimsauce Legacy

So I didn't finish my Pyramid Legacy because I got too busy and then many horrible things happen to my computer. I decided to quit the Legacy posting business but I just couldn't help but get back in. I am currently working on a Round Robin Legacy  with a few other simmers
but I'm generation 7 and that could take awhile so I had to do something in the mean time ....right?


Warnings: The usual apply (bad language, graphic violence, insults,things that are sexual in nature i mean come that should be obvious by my screen name)
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The Pyramid Awesomesauce Legacy 1.0


I have never been able to finish a Legacy past generation 3. So I have decided that maybe sharing my Legacy with my fellow simmers might encourage me to at least get past Generation 5. I then thought that it would be more fun to do an Awesomesauce Legacy Challenge, the last name is Pyramid as in the Food Pyramid (  i was watching a marathon of Chowder) which comes in all kinds of colors. So enjoy.

(Warnings: Bad Language and Sexual situations)
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